The Victor Attah International Airport


·      Akwa Ibom International Airport (AKIA) was conceived                                        2001


·      Airport Site Identification and studies carried out by Mott McDonalds                  2003

·      AKIA pre-feasibility report and funding proposal was received by the

government with commitment to develop an airport of International

repute with Hanger facility


·      Presidential approval for AKIA as National Hanger                                               2004


·      State Government Sign, Design and Build Agreement (DBA) with                       2005

Dyncorp International LLC 


·      AKIA Feasibility study concluded and submitted by Willbur Smith                        2006


·      Engagement of Subcontractors (Maerlum, SDEM, NIDACO, etc by

Dyncorp International LLC

·      Mobilization and site clearing commenced


·      Construction commenced                                                                                      2007

·      MRO-F8 Footing (Centre of Hanger Doors) placement

·      Blockwork commenced at Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting

 (ARFF) facility


·      Project status at 10% completion                                                                  June, 2007


·      Formwork on E-line of MRO                                                                  November, 2007


·      Foundation layering ceremony of the interim Terminal                          December, 2007

building by His Excellency, Governor Godswill Akpabio


·      Construction Continued                                                                                           2008


·      Construction of Ibom Airport Implementation Committee (AIC)                       Jan, 2008

·      First placement of Cement Treated Base (CTB)

·      Inspection visit to the runway and other facility by His

·      Excellency, Governor Godswill Akpabio

·      Visits by Akwa Ibom Sate House of Assembly Appropriation

Committee members for assessment of work progress


·      DYNCORP International LLC abandoned project                                            June, 2008

·      Assessment by bith DYNCORP International and other

·       consultants Confirmed project status at 20% completion


·      Contract Re-awarded to ALCON Nig. Ltd and Gitto Construzioni              February, 2009

Generali Nig Ltd as major contractors.


·      Over six inspection visits by His Excellency,                                           March-June, 2009

Governor Godswill Akpabio.

·      Inspection visits by officials of Nigerian Civil Aviation

Authority(NCAA), Nigeria Space Management Agency

(NAMA), Nigeria Meteorological Service (NIMET)

etc for certification.


·      Inspection visit by Hon. Bethel Amadi’s led House of                                        July, 2009

Representative Committee on Aviation, Abuja.


·      Visit by Honourable Minister of Aviation, Mr. Babatunde                 23rd September, 2009


·      Inaugural flight to AKIA.


·      Commencement of commercial flight by Arik Airlines Limited           26th November, 2009


·      DANA Air commenced flight operations                                                        January, 2010

·      Commenced construction of Emergency Operation Centre

·      (EOC), Airport Clinic and Administrative building.


·      Construction of the Airport Automated Main Access                                           May, 2010

Gate commenced.


·      Phase 1 commissioning by (Fmr.) Mr. President,                                                July, 2010

His Excellency, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GCFR)


·      Comprehensive Calibration of Navigational Aids                                                 Oct, 2010       


·      Upgrading of AKIA from Visual Flight Rule (VFR) to                          

Instrument Flight Rule (IFR) with extended hours

of operations


·      Commencement of International flight heralded with                                          Dec, 2010

airlift of 1st batch of Akwa Ibom State intending

Christian pilgrims to Jerusalem


·      Inaugural landing of Airbus (A330-200) with 325                              8th -16th January, 2011

 passengers capacity and airlift of 2nd batch of AKS

intending Christian Pilgrims to Jerusalem


·      3rd batch of AKS intending Christian Pilgrims depart                                       January, 2011

AKIA to Jerusalem


·      3rd batch AKS Pilgrims returned to AKIA at 7.00am.                           3rd-4th February, 2011

·      4th batch of intending Christian Pilgrims from AKS and

 Cross River State depart AKIA to Jerusalem


·      Commissioning of the Ultramodern Administrative building                          25th June, 2012

by Mr. President, DR. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan


·      inspection visit by Senator Hope Uzodimma’s led Senate                        10th October, 2012

Committee on Aviation


·      Dana test run aircraft for resumption of commercial flight                        24th October, 2012


·      Visit from Nigerian Army School of Logistics                                            31st October, 2012


·      Airlift of 1st batch of 2012 intending Christian Pilgrims                          18th November, 2012

to Jerusalem

commencement of work at the International Terminal (IT)                   11th December, 2012

 site of the Airport


·      constitution of Ibom Airport Development Company Limited                      3rd January, 2013  

(IADCL) Board


·      Site inspection of the International Terminal by the                                    8th January, 2013



·      Formal hand over of IADCL trained ATC to NAMA                                   15th January, 2013


·      Upgrade to 24hrs operation                                                                      26th January, 2013


·      Visit by Aviation Correspondence (different media)                                  7th February, 2013

in Nigeria

·      Inspection by good governance team led by Hon.                                         7th March, 2013

Minister of Information and Communication,

Hon. Labaran Mako


·      Impact Mitigation Monitoring by Federal Ministry                                      22nd March, 2013

of Environment


·      Visit by Mrs. Stella Oduah, Hon. Minister for Aviartion                                  19th April, 2013


·      Fire audit by NCAA and FAAN                                                         15th -17th August, 2013


·      Dana Air resumes scheduled flight services                                          9th September, 2013


·      Calibration of NAVAIDS                                                                       7th -8th October, 2013


·      Visit by the National Defense College                                                     21st October, 2013

·      Airlift of 1st batch of 2013 intending Christian Pilgrims                            23rd October, 2013

to Jerusalem


·      Airlift of 2nd batch of 2013 intending Christian Pilgrims                          24th  October, 2013

to Jerusalem


·      Visit by NCAA                                                                                          7th February, 2014


·      Test flight by discovery Airline                                                                11th February, 2014


·      New Board members sworn-in by Gov. Udom Emmanuel                      27th October, 2016


·      Inspection visit and tour of Airport facilities by new Board                   14th November, 2016

·      members of (IADCL)  


·      visit by Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbanjo                                               7th March, 2017


·      akwa ibom Internatinal Airport named after Former                             24th November, 2018

Governor, Arc. Obong Victor Attah by Governor Udom

Emmanuel as Victor Attah International Airport


·      Ibom Air Inaugural Landing with two Aircraft at Victor Attah                   25th February, 2019

International Airport


·      Ibom Air 3rd Aircraft Landed Victor Attah International Airport                27th February, 2019


·      Commencement of Flight operation by Ibom Airline Limited                            7th June, 2019